About Us…

The Ice Rink Managers Association is the governing body of ice rink management and offers memberships to ice rinks around the UK. 

Bringing together leaders of ice rinks from different backgrounds within the UK ice rink sector and national governing bodies, we aim to share knowledge, set industry standards and steer the development of ice rink management for the future.

The Ice Rink Managers Association welcomes professionals from all UK ice rinks, and meets regularly to discuss industry best practice, opportunities and problem areas for ice rinks and the industry.

What We Do…

  • Provide best practice guidelines to minimise risk within the UK Ice Rink sector.
  • Represent industry views to national governing bodies and associated companies.
  • Support networking amongst UK ice rink operators.
  • Showcase equipment and commercial opportunities. 
  • Share knowledge and expertise.
  • Discuss industry problems.
  • Promote opportunities to increase ice sport participation.
  • Develop training opportunities with partners.

Governing Bodies & Industry Representatives